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The service department at Volvo Cars London is here to make your life easier and to keep your luxurious Volvo running at its top quality and best performance. Go London Luxury Ltd takes pride in treating customers how they would like to be treated. That's why the service experience you will have at Volvo Cars London will be a strong one.


In order to serve you better, we have highlighted a few key components of your Volvo. Please view our Volvo Cars London Service Specials for Service Specials available to you in London, Ontario At Volvo Cars London, we invite you to visit our Value Added Services page, to view our many extra features that you will receive just by bringing your Volvo in to see us at Volvo Cars London for its next service visit.


We also would like you to take the time to visit our Volvo Genuine Service page, to see how Volvo has taken your service appointment to the next level! Learn things about your next service visit with Volvo Cars London that you never knew before like, DIAGNOSTICS ARE ON US!






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Knowing your vehicle is always up to our highest standards for as long as you own it – that's the driving force behind Service by Volvo.


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Whether they're our expertly trained technicians, our field-tested repair methods or Genuine Parts, we'll help you get the most out of your Volvo – whenever you bring it in for service or maintenance.


That's because we focus on our promises to service your car and simplify your life.


Volvo Tire Advantage


Tires influence your entire driving experience.

As the only points of contact between your vehicle and the road, tires need to effectively transmit the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering.

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Winter tires are necessary for many Canadian drivers since they offer increased safety in some of the most severe driving conditions. Since safe driving means being able to handle slush, ice and consistent sub-zero temperatures, you need a tire that can remain pliable in all conditions.


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Volvo Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured specifically for your Volvo.


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Winter And Road Trip Safety


When it comes to safety Volvo is king and the winter season is no different. Our factory trained Volvo technicians are experts when it comes to winter maintenance and can assist in winter-proofing your Volvo for the season's nastiest elements. Volvo service specialists use the latest diagnostic techniques while repairing your Volvo so there's no guesswork when it comes to your vehicle being prepared.


Schedule a Volvo service appointment today or browse our Ontario Volvo Service Specials.

Tip #1 - Getting An Alignment


Your suspension and tires take a real beating during winter. Extremely low temperatures, hidden potholes, and ice can really take a toll on those crucial components. Getting a Volvo Cars London alignment can reduce future wear on your summer/all-season tires and restore the proper suspension and steering settings. An alignment that conforms to the OEM Volvo standards reduces the stress on the all-wheel drive traction system and enhances the performance of the Volvo anti-lock braking systems (ABS), vehicle stability assist (VSA), and Volvo traction control.


Bring your vehicle to Volvo Cars London to have your current tire tread checked for abnormal wear and to properly align your tires, for improved stability and cornering.

Tip #2 - Proper Tire Inflation & Regular Visual Inspection


A well-balanced Volvo makes your ride smoother and safer for everyone on the road during the summer. Tire pressure often goes unchecked between the seasons, with up to 70% of vehicles on the road having at least one under-inflated tire. Studies have shown that checking and maintaining tire pressure regularly will help extend tire life and reduce fuel consumption. Every time you check your Volvo tire pressure, examine the tires for damage, foreign objects, and wear.


Continuing a regular factory maintenance schedule can help keep your tires in check and prevent larger, more costly problems from occurring.

Tip #3 - Radiator Flush


Radiators need to work their best through our scorching summers. The necessary coolants help protect against those high ambient temperatures; when you are stuck in traffic, your radiator fan works overtime. Coolants also protect against corrosion and help lubricate your water pump all-year long. If upon inspection, your Volvo coolant has not been replaced for ages, we recommend thoroughly flushing the radiator system for maximum summer efficiency.

Tip #4 - Battery & Ignition System Check


Both high and extra low temperatures are enemies of your Volvo battery and your ignition system. To prevent power output drops, batteries and connection cables should be regularly checked for cracking and corrosion. It only takes seconds and can prevent a stall, while parked at your lake retreat.


Genuine Volvo replacement batteries are manufactured to match your Volvo's electrical system specifications and power your Volvo through the seasons.

Tip #5 - Climate Control & Air Conditioning Inspection


During our long winters, it is easy to just forget about using the air-conditioning system and use only the cabin heating option. At Volvo Cars London, we recommend using the climate control system at least once a month, even during wintertime, to lubricate the A/C system and reduce hose leaks.


If you hear noises from the vent system or while using the climate control fan speeds, schedule a check up with a Volvo Cars London service specialist before temperatures reach their highs, today!

Tip #6 - Carry An Emergency Kit


It's a good idea to keep a survival kit in your vehicle, even during the summer. Having essential supplies can provide some comfort and safety for you and your family or passengers, in the unlikely case you become stranded. Some of these items could include jumper cables, flash lights, first aid kit, road flares and blankets.


Drinking water is an essential item that is often overlooked; if one member of your family is under treatment, or might rarely need a particular medication, it is a good idea to keep extra dosages in your Volvo.



Your Volvo Cars London specialists are always ready to answer all of your service questions, or provide you with a Volvo service and parts quote. Contact Volvo Cars London to inquire about your Volvo maintenance.



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